Do you know how much time your employees are spending on social media websites?

Monitoring Internet Usage

By David Hollingsworth, Managing Member at Avid Communications.

Not all of the benefits of Avid CyberSecurity are security related. Avid CyberSecurity’s systems track and log traffic of all types. Business owners can now see how individual employees are spending their time and determine if it’s a good use of company resources.

I recently asked one of my business partners to name the top three social media websites our employees visit. He got two out of three.

The top three social media sites our employees visit are: LinkedIn, Snapchat and Twitter. Facebook, which was one of his top three guesses, doesn’t even appear in our top 5. Snapchat is the one I would have missed.

Across all of our customers, the top three social media sites with the most traffic are: LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. Snapchat was number 4.

How about Gaming Sites?

At Avid, the top three gaming related websites visited are Apple, RuneScape and Steam. (Steam is a client for PC based gaming.)

Among our customers, the top three are Battle.Net, Apple and Steam. Surprisingly, ROBLOX was a close #4… it’s primarily a kids game.

Employees at just about every company we serve play video games at some point during their daily/weekly activities. At Avid, the social media traffic is 321 times the amount of gaming related traffic. In other words, there’s not much gaming going on at our company. This is by design. For our customers, social media traffic is only 46 times the traffic of social media.

Curious about Video Streaming, Web Proxy and Remote Access Traffic?

What about YouTube and other video streaming websites? Or traffic associated with higher security risks like Web Proxy and Remote Access?

We log all traffic for our CyberSecurity clients. This results in data that can be very useful to business owners. The information can be eye-opening in terms of how your employees are using the internet. And the information we capture is detailed. For example, we can tell you exactly which workstation is being used to generate the traffic in question. If there’s a web usage problem, the traffic can be blocked. And if that’s the case, it might be a good time to revisit your acceptable use policy with your employee(s).

Avid CyberSecurity

Avid CyberSecurity not only provides security and intrusion prevention system (IPS), malware blocking, malicious website blocking, website filtering, remediation, and other sophisticated security features, but other data that can help businesses improve their efficiency while reducing their security risks.

Want to know more? Visit our page about CyberSecurity. Even better, take our  CyberSecurity survey to learn more about improving your current infrastructure.

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