Customer Spotlight: True North Outdoor

True North Outdoor is a local landscaping company serving Kansas City’s commercial properties. Not only do they take care of landscape maintenance, they also offer a full suite of landscape construction services, as well as snow and ice management.

True North Outdoor has served in the harshest weather and most challenging circumstances Mother Nature can create. So their next challenge was their phone system. True North was brought to Avid by one of our agents, Converged Communications. True North was working on a system with services from ESI and RingCentral. Their set up was too complicated, so we needed to bring them a strong and simplified solution moving forward. At the same time, they needed a system that was flexible for people to work remotely.

True North - Landscaping True North - Landscaping

In an industry at the whim of unpredictable weather, mobile staff constantly changing locations and constantly communicating, True North needed a system that would work for them.

True North serves the highest profile tier 1 properties in Kansas City like the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, the Country Club Plaza, Zone Rosa and more. They service small to mid-sized businesses from banks to office parks to hospitals. The standard of care and attention they give to each property is high. Customer expectations are through the roof, because that is what they promise and deliver. The same goes for their communications. You can’t offer top-tier maintenance services and slack on your phone system – it just doesn’t work!

True North - Landscaping True North - Landscaping

So how do you set up a streamlined solution that is accessible from anywhere?

To start off, Avid routed all True North’s numbers to the main line so they had a standardized call flow for everyone. This made options for the callers, and even staff, easier. We had local numbers for inbound and outgoing calls. That way customers knew True North was local and reliable.

Next, the call flow needed to be accessible to the ones taking the calls. True North employees were able to use their local numbers with the MaxUC mobile app. Since True North employees are ready to respond, no matter the circumstances, the MaxUC application has kept them accessible and reliable.

Finally, replacing their entire phone system and providing all their voice and fax services came in below what they were previously paying!

True North Outdoor now has a phone system and client-facing communication that meet, and adequately represent, what they provide to clients. Come rain, snow or shine, they’re one of the best commercial snow removal and landscaping companies in Kansas City. We’re proud to add them to our list of happy customers!

If you or someone you know needs a better phone solution, please give us a call.

True North - Landscaping

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