Customer Spotlight: Rand Construction Company

Rand Construction CompanyWe’re proud to share another client success story with you this week focusing on Rand Construction Company

Rand Construction is another agent referral from IT provider Salvus TG. (Salvus TG supports their network and firewall.) Rand Construction approached Salvus to talk about updating their business phone system. They were using a 20+ year old Nortel analog phone system that really needed to be replaced. It was a great opportunity for Salvus to refer Rand to us for our VoIP hosted business phone solution.

Laren met with Austin Wiggins who manages all phone and IT related relationships for Rand Construction. He also had conversations with Denise Kean. Once the decision was made to partner with Avid for a new business phone solution, we started planning for the installation.

Installation and Training

We coordinated with Salvus on the IT side of things before doing the installation. It was a perfect time to upgrade one of their switches to a PoE switch. PoE stands for Power over Ethernet. A connection like this means that our IP business phones only need an Ethernet cable to work… a separate power cable plugged into the wall isn’t required. So the installation is cleaner. 

Rand Construction needed 40 new physical phones at their primary building, the maintenance shop and the fab shop. Our installation and training day went well. We provided our phone system training by breaking up the employees into two groups. We’ve found that smaller classes are more personal and provide a better setting for questions and answers.

We’re so glad that Rand Construction is happy with their new business phone system! Here is a quote from Austin after the first week of the company using the new phones:

“So far, everyone is enjoying the new phones. Call quality is better. The system is not as disruptive based on an improved call flow and automated attendant. And our team feels that the phones are easier to navigate and have more useful features than we realized in our initial conversations. I appreciate the time you spent educating everyone on the new system and making sure everything is working the way we need it to.” – Austin Wiggins

More About Rand Construction

Rand Construction Company is located in the West Bottoms area of Kansas City. They’ve been in business since 1962. They offer a full range of construction services. They also have the unique advantage of being a mid-sized, highly diversified, sole proprietorship. Unlike many of their competitors, they have a president who is also the owner and accessible for client needs.

Rand Construction started as a mechanical contractor specializing in industrial piping. Over the years, the company has expanded work areas to include General Contracting, Millwright, Ironwork, Boilermaker, Plumbing & HVAC Service, and Commercial and Institutional Piping. Rand has successfully served client’s needs ranging from small projects to a number of projects in excess of $10 MM.

For more information about Rand Construction, please visit their website.

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