Customer Spotlight: LeVic Plastics

By Audrey Tomlinson, Agent Account Manager at Avid Communications

LeVic Plastics LogoLeVic Plastics was introduced to Avid through our agent, Converged Communications. LeVic was using a premise-based ESI phone system, which had fallen out of its warranty period. ESI no longer services their systems and LeVic’s setup was nearing end of life, so they knew they had to find an alternate solution. Avid met with LeVic, and after understanding that Levic didn’t want to run into the same problems again, we knew a hosted system would be the best solution for them. 

One thing that was a “must have” on the new system checklist was the ability to connect to the overhead paging system. LeVic has an entire warehouse where all their manufacturing takes place. It’s crucial for those working in the office to communicate with those in the warehouse, so the phone system needed a connection. By putting out an overhead paging adaptor, LeVic can seamlessly communicate with everyone, no matter their location.

Not only were we able to set LeVic up with a new hosted phone solution, we also converted them from analog to cloud faxing. Instead of hassling with a shoddy fax machine, LeVic’s faxes are completely handled via email. LeVic could keep their fax number but get rid of their fax machine while still sending and receiving faxes.

Switching LeVic over to a completely hosted platform led to ease and consolidation of their communication platforms. With less time worried about their technology working, they can focus on creating their unique products!

More about LeVic Plastics

LeVic Plastics CompanyLeVic Plastics Company specializes in custom injection molding. They also provide chemical bonding, sonic welding, lathe operations, CNC requirements, and more for customer projects. Their brand promise is “quality parts on time at a fair price”. The name LeVic Plastics was formed from the names of the founders Leslie “Bill” Stober & Vic Mathis.


Utilizing 3-D capabilities enables LeVic to reduce costs and lead times while communicating detailed design intent with their customers.


No limit of classifications of mold, they’re capable of simple pre-production to complex production molds.


No minimum order quantities. They have the ability to mold many types of inserts and match any color.

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