Customer Spotlight: Holland 1916

Holland 1916By Mark Lindsay, Account Executive for Avid Communications

We recently brought on Holland 1916 for hosted voice services and wanted to share how it went. When we met with them originally, they weren’t ready to move forward. They had experienced some tough situations with previous providers and were a bit hesitant. And then they reached out to us a few months later when the timing was right.

They decided to move forward. At turn-up, there were a few surprises… which happens. We adjusted on the fly because we promised we would exceed their expectations. One of the issues we discovered resulted in considerable engineering on our part to accommodate. We got the Kansas City location set up and then remotely configured phones for their Texas office.

Don’t take our words for it… Here’s what they told us after the turn-up.

Thoughts from the COO

Avid Team, I want to thank you all for a very well run transition for Holland. I know we have a few outstanding small issues, but I know I can speak for all the senior leadership team when I say that we were thrilled with the transition.

For 103 years, Holland 1916 has driven our success and growth directly tied to customer service and the value we create for them. As a vital asset (phone connectivity), you have set a high bar for expectations from our vendors in this category. This is not a small feat and we appreciate your efforts both here in Kansas City and with our company in Houston.
– Drew, Chief Operating Officer, Holland 1916

Thoughts from the IT Team

Transitioning to Fonality from sipVine two years ago was one of the toughest projects I’ve ever had to do. I appreciate your flexibility with regards to our needs – certainly, we’ve asked for particular things that you’ve not had to deal with before, but you’ve been doing your best to provide. I think that proves how important customer service truly is to you, and will only work to solidify our relationship.

So far, we have had virtually none of the same issues we had with Fonality as our vendor, and that speaks volumes to the quality of service you provide. Thank you for making this a smooth transition for us. I know we are especially pleased to be working with a local company.
– Lucas, Information Technology Administrator, Holland 1916

We are excited to support Holland 1916 as they continue to grow. And proud to be working with another KC-based company that’s been in business for more than a century and is veteran owned and operated.

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