Customer Spotlight: Davis Paint

By Nikki Fisher, Sr. Account Executive at Avid Communications

Davis PaintWhen first meeting with potential customers, I make sure they understand that we are a telephone company first. Meaning we can provide phone services to your existing phone system, (PRI, SIP Trunk or analog lines). This takes the pressure off of them feeling like they have to make lots of changes for us to provide phone services. So I have many customers that do just that. They keep their current phone system, and we provide low cost services to that system. But then I also make sure they know there may come a time when their current system is no longer supported or needs costly upgrades. Since they’re already with Avid, they can easily upgrade to our Hosted Business VoIP Phone System.

Davis Paint recently did just that.

Davis Paint celebrated their 100th anniversary this year. They were founded in 1921 by Berry Davis. Mr. Davis began his company at his home in Kansas City with a sales plan, $150 in postage stamps, a mailing list and some printed materials. The company grew rapidly, and in 1928 Davis Paint began manufacturing at its current North Kansas City location. They continue to operate under the guidance of its founder who penned the company motto, “Quality goes into the paint before the paint goes into the can.”

“Quality goes into the paint before the paint goes into the can.” – Berry Davis

Davis PaintDavis Paint has been an Avid phone service customer for many years, but their on premise system was no longer going to be supported. Their setup was a little unorthodox with 20 analog lines integrating with the hosted system and an overhead page. They hadn’t found a VoIP provider that could do that until he spoke with me. They also moved to our softphone application to easily take calls and manage activities, even while working throughout the warehouse.

I am thrilled to keep the relationship going and proud to call them our customer.

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