CRM and other System Integrations

By David Scott, Managing Member at Avid Communications.

Avid Communications: CRM and other system integrationsOne major advantage of Avid’s VoIP phone system is the ability to integrate it with other applications used in your business.

The most common requirements are:
– Click to dial from within the application
– Ability to pop caller information from your application based on incoming caller ID
– Ability to open input screens and log calls in your application related to calls.

We employ three methods of applications integration:

Avid’s unified communications platform, MaxUC, integrates natively with Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, Sugar CRM and Microsoft Dynamics. Very little setup and configuration work is required–and no additional expense. Some providers reserve this capability for more expensive tiers of service; we do not.

Avid also uses GoCommunicator to provide rich integration between our system and dozens of popular systems. Implementation of this is very straightforward, with Avid taking responsibility for implementation and support. Our per-seat charge is $3 per month–and combined with already low per-seat charges for our full VoIP functionality, provides very economical applications integration. Visit GoCommunicator for a list of integrations.

Avid also provides customized integration for customers that have developed their own CRM. We developed Avid Connector to provide a framework for easy integration with Avid’s IP phone service. Avid Connector supports both web applications and local applications. Avid’s integration team works with development resources on the client side, enabling us to provide the desired integration functionality for a low one-time fee.

When it comes right down to it, phone integration into a key application is not heavy lifting, and it results in such a productivity boost that payback is almost immediate.

We are here for you.

As always, Avid is right here to make sure everything works according to your requirements. We won’t hand you off to a third party or have you download some software and call it good. We’ve implemented applications integration for clients who might have assumed this was technically or financially out of reach. If you need help with any of these kinds of integrations, give us a call!

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