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Avid Communications' YouTube ChannelOne of the trends we’ve seen over the past year is that businesses are producing more video content. We’ve been blogging regularly for years, and we’re excited to begin telling some of our stories with video. Our very own Audrey Tomlinson recently set up the Avid Communications YouTube channel.

You can visit our YouTube channel here, and if you are interested in future content updates, please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel.

We thought it would be a good idea to start creating our own relevant videos. Our plan is to create videos that help our customers use our products and services more effectively. We will also be creating videos that show off new products and services as they become available.

The two most recent videos are related to our MaxUC unified communications platform.

MaxUC allows customers to use their smartphones, computers or tablets as their communications center. Audrey walks you through how to use MaxUC on a desktop computer and on a smartphone.


MaxUC Desktop Training

MaxUC Mobile Training


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