Avid Communications has rolled out cloud-based call recording for our customers.

We’ve rolled out cloud-based call recording as an option for our VoIP customers. If you’re a current Avid customer, give us a call and we can add it on any of your lines for $5 a month.

I was going to try and write something clever and interesting (unlikely in both cases) about why businesses should record calls, but I stumbled upon this article and it made my job much easier:

Why you Should Record Customer Calls

Source: ORECX

Companies spanning almost every industry and size record some, or all of their customer interactions today. Why? For several reasons. Here are some quotes from a recent OrecX call recording survey:

“For your Quality and Training department, not having calls recorded is like swimming with your arms tied … it’s possible but extremely difficult.”

“Recording calls allows us to assess, review, calibrate, account for, monitor and improve everything.”

“People overlook the fact that in a call center an employee is 95% of your value. If you have access to a tool (call recording system) that can increase the value of 95% of your company assets…it’s moronic not to use it.”

According to 80+ call center and customer service professionals polled through LinkedIn, the top reasons businesses record calls include:

Call Recording Chart
Call recording is a great tool for training employees and documenting conversations with customers.

Recently, a customer of ours remarked that because they had recorded a call confirming payment terms and cancellation policies, they were able to collect several thousand dollars when their customer tried to cancel services at the last minute. The customer claimed they weren’t told about the cancellation policy, but they had the recording to prove it!

If you are interested in adding call recording for your business, give us a call!