Coming to a softball team near you… Omie the Owl.

Avid Softball Team Sponsorship

By Laren Landgren, Agent Manager at Avid Communications

Avid LogoI’ve always thought Avid Communications had a great looking logo. Many businesses know about Avid, but I thought it was time my community knew about Avid. An opportunity became available when my daughter’s softball team in Lee’s Summit, through the Lee’s Summit Girls Softball Association, needed a sponsor. My daughter asked me if I thought Avid could sponsor her team because she thought it would be great to have an owl on her uniform. Who can resist Omie?

Avid Softball Team Sponsorship Avid Softball Team Sponsorship

The owners of our company were gracious enough to say yes and help sponsor the team. So now, not only do our business customers know about Avid Communications… the city of Lee’s Summit is getting to know Avid as well! Interestingly enough, the Lee’s Summit Girls Softball Association think we have a great logo as well, and asked if they could use it for a second team! Of course we said yes.

I’ve been an assistant coach for my daughter’s team for three years now. I’ve taken a lot from what I learned growing up playing sports and from my life experiences in sales, and applied that towards my coaching. Concepts like giving 100% for everything we do, working together as a team, working efficiently and having fun during the process. Every one of these ideas is important.

Avid Softball Team Sponsorship Avid Softball Team Sponsorship

Most things in life don’t come easily. Over the past three years, I’ve leveraged my previous experiences and work ethic to start a successful Agent program for Avid Communications. There is an interesting parallel between work and sports. When you get a group of kids (or adults) to support each other, cheer for one another, have fun and work hard with each other, you can be successful on the field and in the workplace.

The softball team (The Night Owls) started off on a hot streak this season. They’ve won six games and have no losses. They just celebrated that sixth win on Thursday night, and I’m really proud of how they’re working together as a team to achieve excellent results. Not only are the girls having fun, but I believe Omie is also enjoying the time on the field!

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