Client Success Story: 24/7 Express Logistics

Avid Communications: 24/7 Advanced Logistics

By Taylor Cates, Director of Sales at Avid Communications

Daisy (left) and Tyler (right)This VoIP Business Phone turn up went to the dogs… we’re talking about the owner’s dogs Daisy and Tyler of course. (Daisy is the yellow one.) 24/7 Express Logistics was an existing customer of Avid Communications when we learned that they needed a better phone system. You could say it was on its last 4 legs…

Their previous phone system was an old premise-based Avaya system with few options for expansion. There were no options for business continuity or work from home capabilities. (Premise-based means that the “brain” of the old system lived at their location and was not hosted in the cloud.)

Data for a logistics company is incredibly important.

Their previous phone system was limited in reporting or analytics for their call center. 24/7 Express Logistics needed to understand more about the number of calls they are taking, how many callers are waiting at any given moment, and the volume of calls at various points throughout the day. These numbers matter for staffing, employee reviews and tracking business trends.

Our VoIP business phone solution provides all of these features and more. The decision was made to upgrade to our solution, and we started planning the turn-up and training. With more than 50 users, they’ve needed a dedicated fiber connection which we’ve been providing. Migrating to our VoIP phone solution is even easier when we are already providing the internet connection.

Now that they are on our phone solution, they have a lot of new functionality.

Call Queues

Call Queues are helpful for routing calls appropriately. They also provide the call center agents more information about the calls that are waiting on hold.

Truck Driver Speed Dials

We set up speed dials for all of their drivers. Each of their drivers has a short code in the phone system for quick calls while they’re in the field.

Advanced Auto Attendants

They have advanced auto attendants that feed the queues we’ve set up. This streamlines call flows and makes the user experience more seamless.

Customizable Phones

Every user was able to customize their Mitel 6869i desk phone with 44 programmable buttons. This offers line monitoring, and one button transferring to all of their assigned buttons.


Our softphone application runs on their desktops and cell phones. This softphone is NOT a third-party application like many of our competitors use. It’s an important advantage because the calls stay on our network, allowing us to provide comprehensive reporting regardless of which devices they are using.

The employees love the fact that they can use their Avid button for local, quick and easy support. And the owners of the company love the flexibility their new VoIP business phone system from Avid is providing. We are so glad that we were able to help 24/7 Express Logistics with their business phone system needs in addition to their business internet!

24/7 Express LogisticsMore About 24/7 Express Logistics

24/7 Express Courier, Inc. is one of the largest courier and distribution companies in the Midwest and today operates over 200,000 square feet of warehouse in their Kansas City, Missouri and St. Louis, Missouri locations. For the last 18 years, they’ve had a solid reputation for doing what they say they’re going to do!
Visit the 24/7 Express Logistics Website

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