Avid Joins Forces with ALLO Communications

Premium Contact Center

Adding chat and a variety of outbound automation options, this top-of-the-line service meets the needs of the most demanding businesses.

At $150 per seat per month, Avid’s Premium Contact Center is everything you could want in an advanced Contact Center solution. Phone, email and text channels can all be used in a single customer interaction. Chat functionality–including the ability for an agent to have up to 10 simultaneous chat sessions underway–is added. Outbound notifications with customer response options is possible using chat, email and text as well as voice.


  • Agents can participate in multiple chat sessions. Clients receive an estimated wait time.

  • Route to agents based on keywords.

…in addition to all the features of both our Call Center and Contact Center solutions:

  • Skills-based routings gets your clients to the right person with minimum hassle.

  • Round-robin, linear, circular, longest-idle

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