When your goal is customer satisfaction, a well-designed contact center is essential.

You’ve probably priced out industry leading contact center solutions. Perhaps their costs have taken your breath away. And perhaps you’re concerned about a remote support staff that has never even seen your operation.

Enter Avid. If you’re looking for sophisticated routing, standard tools such as listen-in, real-time dashboards and a variety of call-distribution methods, but aren’t wanting a meeting with the finance department to pay for it all, consider Avid’s Call Center Solution. 

But if you truly need an industrial-strength Contact Center solution and want the advantage of a local support team, you need Avid’s Contact Center Solution. It’s loaded with features, but priced significantly below the similar offerings. 

Our solutions are built on Avid’s rock-solid VoIP foundation, meaning your feature-rich solution won’t be delivering choppy calls and a poor audio experience for your current and prospective clients.