What’s in your network?

We draw from hundreds of plays to bring you exactly what you need.

Avid’s 15 years of designing networks for our clients mean we have a full playbook of tried-and-true approaches to meeting your business’s requirements, be they simple or complex. The key to outstanding network performance is careful design and documentation. You expect a lot from your network–high reliability, high capacity, and adroit handing of voice, data and video. Avid delivers.

  • Simple Google Fiber connection with next-gen firewall and guest network
  • Next-gen firewall serving customer PBX and multiple VLANs.
  • SD-WAN with failover
  • NG firewall deployment with multiple virtual networks and TV streaming support for guests.
  • Single physical network serving multiple organizations using a next-generation firewall.
  • NG firewall with multiple VLANs spanning wired and wireless networks with wireless bridge to connect nearby building.
  • Two-site organization with heavy application use at main location.
    • Next-gen firewalls.
    • Dual WAN with failover at main location.
    • Three separate WAN networks.
    • Multiple virtual networks at each location.
  • Large organization with multiple locations and multiple departments requiring high security.
    • Multiple VLANs, VPNs
    • Next-gen firewalls.
    • Specialized video requirements
  • Dual WAN setup at main locations supporting complex video monitoring system across many locations.
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