Three good reasons for writing our own blog posts instead of curating content or hiring ghostwriters.

Dave Scott and David Hollingsworth BloggingEvery month, the two founders of Avid Communications spend the better part of an afternoon with Jason Terry of Blue Gurus writing our own blog posts. Sometimes, the stories flow like a river. Other times, it’s like molasses. But every month David Hollingsworth and I have committed time from our overloaded schedules to tell stories about our people, our clients and doing business in Kansas City.

Some companies we follow re-post generic industry articles like “Ten reasons VoIP is right for you!” Others have professionally written articles that were obviously done by a ghostwriter because the content is fairly generic and not very personal.

It would be easier and cheaper for us to do the same, but there are three good reasons that we take the time to write our own content:

1) It helps us reflect on what we’re doing as a business.

We have a lot of good people on our team and we support the internet and voice needs of a bunch of companies in Kansas City. As a result, there are lots of things we can talk about every week. Employee spotlights. Customer success stories. Team building outings. Community involvement. New products and services. We always have a good list of story ideas in the pipeline.

When we look back at previous blog posts, it helps us realize all the things that we’ve accomplished. It gives us perspective.

2) It helps us keep in sync internally.

We write with an external audience in mind, but the stories are also a great way to let our own people know what’s going on. We work hard to have effective internal communication, but there are still things that come out of our blogging that’s new information for our team. The stories start conversations. Employee spotlights make that person proud to be on our team (and they end up sharing the article with their friends and family.)

3) Most importantly, we want to communicate in our own voice.

Blogging is a social medium, and canned material simply isn’t very “social.” We know our readers would sniff out generic material right away and probably wouldn’t remain readers for very long.

We share things that are happening that matter to us, and by extension matter to the people that are connected to us. It helps our customers remember that we’re a real company, made up of real people telling authentic stories. It helps us attract new talent because our blogging is a glimpse into our company culture. And it differentiates us in our industry as a company that’s fun to do business with.

We’ve been blogging since July of 2014 and there’s no question that it’s a valuable part of our sales and marketing efforts. The fact that our friends and clients are talking about our stories every month means that we’re top of mind, and for us, that’s always been the goal of any marketing effort.

As always, thank you for reading our blog posts… it means so much to us!

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