WatchKC Makes it Safer to do Business Downtown. Are You Involved?

WatchKCThe Kansas City police department is looking for more people and businesses to participate in their WatchKC program. If you haven’t heard about WatchKC, it’s a program where residences and businesses can register their exterior video cameras to be used to help fight crime.

From the WatchKC Website:

Video Surveillance is a great crime deterrent and offers investigative leads in the event a crime does occur. Many homes and businesses have surveillance cameras installed. Often times the surveillance system might catch something useful when KCPD is investigating crimes. However, it may go unnoticed if the owner is unaware of the crime.

Once registered with WatchKC, camera locations will be mapped for detectives and officers to easily see where they are available. In the event of a crime nearby, they can then contact registrants to see if any possible evidence was captured. Someone from KCPD will then arrange to obtain the footage at a time that is convenient. KCPD would never have access to footage without your knowledge. Participation is 100% voluntary and you can opt out at any time.

Do you currently have Avid’s Video Surveillance solution?

If you’re a current customer that has our video surveillance solution, please consider registering your cameras with the WatchKC program.
The form to register your cameras is located here. It doesn’t cost you anything to participate, and the police department won’t have live access to your feeds. They would contact you for help if a crime happened in the area your cameras are monitoring. The WatchKC network is making it safer to live and do business in Kansas City, MO.

Are you an Avid customer, but don’t have video surveillance?

If you’re a current customer but don’t have our video surveillance solution, you might be surprised at how affordable it is to add video surveillance to your existing plan. We have different models for internal and external use, and they are straight-forward to install. Contact your sales rep today to learn more! Our hope is that you would consider registering with WatchKC after setting up external cameras for your business.

CityScene KC

We originally heard about WatchKC on the CityScene KC website. CityScene KC is a hyper-local online news source for people who live and work in downtown Kansas City. Check out the original article about WatchKC here.

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