The 23rd Annual I’m Not So Serious About Golf Tournament

By Taylor Cates, Director of Sales at Avid Communications

Avid Sponsors Golf TourneyAvid recently sponsored hole number thirteen at the annual, “I’m Not Serious About Golf” tournament organized by Association for Women Lawyers of Greater KC. The annual “I’m Not Serious About Golf” Tournament raises money for the AWL Foundation, the charitable arm of the association. For more than two decades, the event has been known for posh goody bags, a top-notch auction and a lighthearted take on the game. The 2018 tournament was held on Friday, October 5th at Hillcrest Golf Club.

The Avid Foursome

We fielded a team with a roster including David Hollingsworth, Laren Landgren, T.J. Sauder and a friend of Avid’s… Jeff Metcalf from Salvus Technologies.

Golf Pong

Not everyone golfs, and we had a table to represent Avid at hole #13. Mark Lindsay, Brandon Mathews and I set up a golf pong game, and winners received cigars. The losers had to endure an adult cocktail in very small glass. Everyone really enjoyed their time at our table. And we also got a lot of questions about our company and services.

Avid Sponsors Golf Tourney Avid Sponsors Golf Tourney

Features of Avid’s Services that Attorneys Like

  • They can call clients from our application and not give out their personal cell phone number.
  • At the end of the month or week, attorneys can find out how long they’ve spent on a call. (Which is important for billing.)

We do business with quite a few attorney firms. The tournament was a great opportunity for us to meet even more firms! It was a beautiful day to play some golf, with the proceeds going towards a good cause.

Want to know more about the features of our phone systems? Give us a call!

Avid Sponsors Golf Tourney Avid Sponsors Golf Tournament

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