TechTonics : The Power of Peer Advisory Groups

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Once a month, I get together over a beer with Jason, Tony, Phil and Trent. Often I look back as this being one of my most well-spent couple of hours during the whole month.

Jason Terry of the Blue Gurus formed the group and named it TechTonics.
Tech” because each of us have businesses that are technical in nature. Each of us is energized by innovation.
Tonics” because we all like beer.

In an often free-wheeling discussion, we talk about whatever has captured our attention recently. One time Jason and Tony talked about using the Culture Index to improve hiring. A year later, the Culture Index has become an important component of our hiring process. Never would have heard of it without TechTonics.

Although the five of us serve similar clients, this isn’t a lead-sharing group. It’s an idea-sharing group. I’ve been trying to figure out the perfect video-conferencing setup for use over Google Fiber, and Tony Sheets of Umzuzu, the experts in Google Apps for Business, chimes in with a great solution. Well, now, that just saved me untold hours.

For me, it’s not only four windows to innovation in our world, but it’s four trustworthy opinions. Often these guys have experience with their clients using some new service, and I believe what they have to say about it.

A fun topic in our March meeting was the YouTube channel “Dude Perfect.” It’s a channel about 5 guys doing amazing trick shots with balls from just about every sport.

The TechTonics discussions are fast paced. Everyone’s talking in the shorthand of our industries. We’re all in search of stuff that works… beautifully. We’re all seeking to translate this into something that will make our businesses better – new services, new techniques, new ways of looking at an old problem.

Every time , and I do mean every time, I come away from these discussions, I feel humbled because I feel every other guy is more on top of this stuff than I am. But they haven’t kicked me out yet. And isn’t a bit ironic that in this age of vast information online, my best source of information is four actual human beings sitting around the table together?

Are you involved in a peer advisory group or networking group? If not, it might be a good time to consider joining one or starting one of your own!

(P.S. Here are some Dude Perfect videos you can check out if you’ve never seen them!)

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