T1: A Eulogy

By Shelby Fuchs, Marketing Communications Specialist for Avid Communications

Avid Communications: T-1, A EulogyWe are gathered here today to remember our dear friend, the T-1. Technically, he was a “high-capacity” circuit created to provide 24 voice channels using pulse code modulation. And he grew to provide both voice and data services. For some, T-1 was merely a source for internet connectivity, but to many, he was so much more.

Despite being considered a  ‘stable work horse’, he no longer was able to meet the grueling day-to-day demands of today’s businesses. Often described as  ‘dedicated’, ‘reliable’, and ‘consistent’, T-1 simply couldn’t stand the test of time. It was a fate similar to many of his ancestors that came before him (preceded in death by an uncle POTS and a cousin Dial Up). T-1 simply ‘maxed out’ when demand got too heavy. His downfall was not entirely his fault; a major contributing factor to T-1’s death was the highly contagious Windows Office 365 update epidemic that many businesses just simply couldn’t avoid anymore.

T-1’s loyalty to those he served proved to be greater than his ability, and rising up ‘beyond capacity’ was an unattainable task.

1.54MB was all he was capable of delivering, and 1.54MB is all he will ever be. Being quickly replaced by big dogs like Google Fiber and high speed modems, T-1 is being sent to the grave as no longer being the ‘soul’ (sole) source of bandwidth to those who utilized him.

Though T-1 has passed on, his legacy lives on by showing a devotion to carrying VoIP phone traffic. This has certainly been the case for larger businesses operations that force the Cable “Asymmetrical-Yet-Mighty” Modem to realize he can’t always do it all on his own. Additionally, while T1 failed many as being the chief provider of internet, his copper body is able to muster up the strength to rise up from the ashes when he is needed as a fail over if, and when, turbulent times may strike (that fixed wireless connection goes down without warning in the middle of the day due to one of those strong KC wind gusts) – truly remarkable.

(Kind of) gone, but (kind of) never forgotten… thank you for your work, T-1.

(If you would like to reach a consultant regarding alternative internet options to the T-1, please contact one of our Account Executives)

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