Sandra Hollingsworth’s Very Special Tattoo

By David Hollingsworth, Managing Member at Avid Communications

Sandra TattooMy wife, Sandra, stopped by my desk after lunch last month and said, “I just got a tattoo”. After a quick glance, and feeling relief it wasn’t a Mike Tyson inspired tattoo, I replied, “seriously?”

She showed me her ankle and I saw a tattoo with three stacked arrows in a column.

Why is the tattoo so special? Over three years ago, we were blessed with our beautiful daughter Lauren, who has Down Syndrome. I asked what inspired Sandra to get the tattoo. She said she was feeling great about Lauren’s progress, the joy she brings, and most importantly how much she loves her.

Most cases of Down Syndrome result from trisomy 21, which means each cell in the body has three copies of chromosome 21 instead of the usual two copies. The three arrows in Sandra’s tattoo represent the three 21st chromosomes in our daughter. The upward arrows represent rising up and moving forward.

She wanted something to represent these concepts. Something she could see every day. I may be biased, but I think it’s the most beautiful tattoo ever!

(NOTE: Sandra got the tattoo at Catalyst Arts Collective Tattoos. They recently moved into our building at 500 Southwest Boulevard. Sandra explained to them the significance of the tattoo and they said, “this one is on us!”)

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