“Sets on the Beach” – A Volleyball Story

By Dave Scott, Managing Partner for Avid Communications talking about the unofficial Avid volleyball team.

So Stephanie, in an exasperated tone, was asking me, “Just what does it take to get into one of the blog posts around here?”

I was tempted to reply, “Not all that much.” Instead: “What ya got?”

Avid Communications - Volleyball TeamApparently, she’s the ringleader of an Avid volleyball team that went 6-1 in a summer league. Somehow, that escaped me. And now the same team was ready to do battle in a fall league.

Stephanie: “7-0.”

David: “Your team’s 7-0?”

Stephanie: “Will be.”

She sought a promise that they would get a blog post if they went undefeated. I agreed. She seemed sure that 7-0 was in the bag.

Sadly, after a strong start, the team slumped to a 5-2 record this fall.

So they’re getting their blog post anyway. I’m operating on the theory that we shouldn’t let “perfect” be the enemy of good. In our company history, this group stands as the single most accomplished sports team ever, and I wanted the whole wide world to know. And for Stephanie to think twice before asking to be in a blog post again. “Stephanie, incidentally, what’s the team’s name again?

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