Scope of Concept: Meet Josh Billaci

By Shelby Fuchs, Marketing Communications Specialist

Avid Communications: Josh BillaciIf you’re a current Avid customer, most likely you have sat on a conference call with our Provisioning Manager, Josh Billaci. That conversation usually happens prior to installing your new phone system. However, these calls don’t usually allow customers to get to know other Avid employees to the same extent they know their sales rep. I had the opportunity to pull Josh away from his computer and headset to conduct my own Scope of Concept, if you will.

In 2004, Josh started his telecommunications career working as a field technician in the residential cable TV and internet sector. After four years as a field technician, Josh took his talents to the residential NOC (Network Operations Center). Working in the NOC, Josh gained valuable experience troubleshooting customer network issues, identifying and solving network outages, and working with techs in the field.

In 2010, after six years working in residential services, Josh decided he wanted to venture into the Business NOC. By working in the Business NOC at another company for six years, Josh was molded into the man we needed here at Avid in 2016: the Provisioning Manager of Operations.

So, how does Josh spend his day here at Avid?

While it’s true that Josh’s main responsibility to is to walk through setup and installation details with our customers, his job involves much more. Josh aids in the phone provisioning for new installations, helps with the phone number porting process, manages the technicians’ calendars, and serves as the Director of Operations. He’s Sandra Hollingsworth’s “right hand man”.

The one thing Josh will likely never do for an Avid customer? Record their Auto Attendant voice prompts. After being asked to record a greeting for a new customer, our team quickly learned that while Josh may have a face for TV, he doesn’t necessarily have the voice for radio.

As previously mentioned, Josh’s primary job at Avid is to conduct the Scope of Concept Calls. Many customers ask their sales rep “Why do we need to have a call if I fill out paperwork?” Who better to ask that question to than Josh himself. According to Josh, “Plain and simple. We want to make sure that before we send our techs and your sales rep out that we’ve tailored your system specific to your needs and wants. It’s always good to review details prior to install instead of needing to change a lot on site. We want to get you back to running your business as quickly as possible. Not many other providers do this for their customers.”

Next, I asked Josh what his favorite feature was at Avid since he implements a lot of the for the customers. Josh responded, “I think Avid’s general flexibility in changing a system is our best feature. At Avid, we understand that your business is continuously evolving which means call flows and messages, or needing to add more call groups might be necessary. We do so gladly. I also think giving the customer an option for us to manage their firewall for free is pretty great too though.”

On the personal side

So what does Josh Billaci like to do for fun in his free time? Josh considers himself a “foodie”, otherwise known as someone who enjoys finding new restaurants to try. He also participates in BBQ competitions and likes to sample unique craft beers. On any given weekend when Spring arrives, you will likely find him cheering on his favorite KC sports team – Sporting KC. Josh has always been an “avid” soccer fan, to the point he dedicated himself to waking up at 5 AM every Saturday to watch the classic England clubs play.

While Josh has a wide range of interests/hobbies, the most important one worth knowing about him is his passion for tacos in Kansas City. Everyone at Avid knows Josh considers himself somewhat of an expert when it comes to judging Mexican cuisine in the city. So it was only right that I concluded my interview by asking Josh what he considers to be the best taco in the city. To no surprise, Josh took about five minutes to ponder this question. THAT’S how much he loves KC tacos. His response? Bonita Michoacan in Kansas City, Kansas.

We appreciate the work Josh does for us at Avid and the dedication he has to helping both our existing customer base and those new to our services. Next time you happen to jump on a phone with him, we know he would be more than happy to debate best tacos in KC prior to going over details regarding your phone system!

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