Unraveling our way to a new web site.

New Avid Website in 2017By Dave Scott, Managing Partner for Avid Communications, talking about the launch of the new Avid website.

It was one of those projects where you start pulling on a thread. And by the time you’re done, you have a whole pile of yarn.

Avid’s web site wasn’t getting the job done. On organic search, we were ranking lower than “Doug’s Auto Body” in categories we dominate. So we needed to spruce up the site. Now, five months later, with the support of four outside firms, we’ve revamped our marketing strategy, totally rebuilt our web site, and are poised to embark on a sophisticated digital marketing campaign.

So we hope you like it.

Eimer CreativeWith our trusted graphic designer Mark Eimer of Eimer Creative in the room, we early on decided not to go with the “shopworn photos of people of all stripes deliriously happy talking on phones” look. So the site has almost no photos. And very few graphics.

gobo MarketingWith our marketing strategist, Mary Schuler of Gobo Marketing, we developed things for people to do down nearly every avenue of the site: fill out a survey, sign up for a newsletter, claim a free month, reach out to an expert. Now it’s very interactive, but without the annoying pop-up every 15 seconds asking you if you want to have a “chat.” We all agreed that type of interactivity was loathsome.

The interactive features were going to require some technical help, but unfortunately our budget wasn’t six figures, so our trusty consultant and blogging pro Jason Terry of Blue Gurus was quick to introduce us to Jeff Potts of 2020 Creative. Jeff turned our vision into various pages, forms and plugins on WordPress (without shredding our budget).

Blue Gurus  https://2020creative.com

Along the way as we were producing content, the team served as a built in panel of experts to serve up comments, including my favorite: “that version goes beyond snarky and is downright combative and annoying” referring to a white paper I wrote. Ah, you have to have a thick skin around here!

And in the end, this talented team produced a new site of which we are very proud and again taught us the lesson of having the right people involved in getting a job done.

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