So that’s why Nathan didn’t get his project done on time!

Your business WiFi network has tales to tell. With Avid’s Managed WiFi Portal, you have access to those stories.

The Overview will identify the most active client, Nathan. Drill down a bit further to the Real Time view of clients to discover if Nathan is using far more than everyone else. Perhaps he’s on YouTube all day? Maybe it’s time for Nathan’s performance review with special emphasis on your company’s internet policy.

Or find out just who is on your network. Thirty-one clients in a 11-person firm? Maybe your neighbors have cracked your password and are building their startup using your connection.

Probably time for a network security review. Yup, you found that lawyer downstairs avoiding his company’s firewall restrictions by surfing (god knows what) on your network. Click–now he’s blocked.

Or why are your guests always complaining about your slow internet from the main conference room? A quick look at the Coverage Maps reveals that your nearest access point isn’t near enough. So add one for the conference room. Or the Access Point detail view might reveal that most of your users are on a single access point while others are lightly loaded.

Avid’s Managed WiFi Portal gives you access to several easy-to-understand real-time reports on your WiFi network. Avid uses these to diagnose trouble on your network; you can use them too. It’s all a necessary part of running a business-class, secure WiFi network for your firm.

Overall Statistics at a Glance

Number of clients connected (by SSID), most active access point (AP), most active user and all-time top client, current usage and activity of specified time period (day, week, month)

Map of All Devices

5G Coverage

2G Coverage

Map of all devices located at all your locations, including coverage maps of both 2G and 5G WiFi.

List of Access Points

Detailed view of all access points – RF scans to optimize performance

Client Connections

Real-time view of all client connections


Recent history of devices connected