Google Team Drives helped us organize a sprawling mess.

By David Scott, Managing Member at Avid Communications talks about implementing Google Team Drives.

Let’s face it, when you start a business, the first thing on your agenda isn’t your corporate file structure. But at Avid, after over a decade in operation, our information had become a sprawling mess.

Avid Communications: Sprawling Mess of Data on the NetworkFinding the right version of a form could be an adventure. We had cases where we modified a contract for a special purpose, and then someone, thinking they had the standard form, continued to use the modified one for months, costing us thousands of dollars. Ugh.

Important documents and other information were in individual files and folders all over our network. And whenever someone left the company, we’d have to mine their account for pertinent documents before deleting it and freeing up the seat license.

Google G-Suite and Team Drives

For better or worse, we use Google’s G-Suite for email, storage and other information services. Recently Google has introduced Team Drives to help control this problem. But taking advantage of Google’s solution wasn’t as simple as moving files into the new Team Drives.

Instead, we built an internal web site (an “Intranet”) not only to organize the information and better control permissions, but to put documents in context. In doing so, we actually wound up unearthing all kinds of ideas for improving our internal operations. Now, when we turn up a new customer, instead of entering their address about a million times we automatically import the address from the original location to additional documents down the line.

So what started out as a simple upgrade of our cloud storage turned out to be:

  • A boost to our productivity as we found and corrected procedural inefficiencies
  • A vast improvement in the security of our information
  • A week long “Spring Cleaning” of our files
  • The creation of what we hope will be a valuable new information tool for our operations
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