Breaking out of the office is easy. Breakout KC? That’s a bigger challenge.

By Shelby Fuchs, Marketing Communications Specialist at Avid Communications

Breakout KC LogoRecently, Avid’s Sales team took a half day for a team building outing to Breakout KC in the River Market along with a Boulevard Brewing tour.

For those unfamiliar with how escape rooms work, this fun team building activity gives a group of people a mystery to solve in 60 minutes while in a locked room. The puzzles are all based on problem solving skills rather than previously acquired knowledge. In other words, no smart phone is going to help you get out quicker.

Tick tock, tick tock.

Avid Communications: Breakout KCAs time ticks away, one piece of the puzzle leads to another. Teams are provided with three free clues. After that, they can ask for more clues through a TV monitor on the wall. However, if they choose to do ask for extra clues, three additional minutes are added to their end time for getting out of the room.

The Avid Sales team used two additional clues, which put them just over the time limit. However, without those clues, they would likely remain stuck in that locked room… which would have led a poor start to meeting their May sales goal.

Boulevard Brewery

The stress of being locked in tight quarters together for an hour called for a follow up activity of decompressing at Boulevard Brewery. The team took a tour of the facility and finished up at the beer hall located on the 2nd floor. If you haven’t had the chance to take the tour, we highly recommend it. Plus, there’s a perk if you volunteer to be at the end of the line during the tour. I won’t say it involves an extra beer at the end of the tour, but I also won’t say it doesn’t. However, volunteering for anything at a brewery is probably never going to be the wrong decision, right?

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