• Outsource your phone service to someone you trust

  • Big system features for every sized company

  • No big outlay for phone system

  • Seamless connections for multiple locations–including home office locations


One-Button Service
If there is an issue with your services, we will take the lead in troubleshooting, and will work closely with your IT provider to pinpoint and resolve the issue. If you’ve ever had an issue and can’t press a single button to get a team instantly working on the problem, you already know the value of this high level of service provided by Avid.

Long list of features
Our Hosted PBX service includes all the standard features that come with expensive phone systems and an array of brand new features that are unique to cloud-based phone service.
No system to buy 
Avid’s Hosted PBX is a cloud-based services. There is no phone system to buy and maintain. Plus, ongoing upgrades to our network are immediately available for your use–at no extra cost.
Cover multiple locations
Hosted PBX is unbeatable at tying together multiple locations–including remote offices and work-at-home employees–into a unified solution.
Top-quality voice
On all Avid-provided circuits, we engineer the prioritization of voice traffic so that latency (delay) across the network is kept lower than 40 milliseconds–performance necessary for quality voice service.