Employee Spotlight: Nathan Schmidt, Summer Intern

Nathan SchmidtThis is our first year hiring a summer intern. We mentioned we were looking for someone that was available this summer to work for us and thanks to our friend Jason Terry, we had many capable applicants within a day. After looking through the resumes, we contacted Nathan and he met with us when he was home on break from Kansas State University.

Nathan has been very busy updating our information on bandwidth availability and pricing throughout the Kansas City area. We want to make sure when customers call us for help with Internet and data services, we can provide them all the bandwidth options within a particular area and help them make the best choice based on capacity, reliability and price. This information includes data on over a dozen different networks within the area, including traditional fiber optic networks, Google Fiber as well as fixed wireless.

The cost of bandwidth varies widely throughout the Kansas City area and having a comprehensive list of bandwidth and pricing, by building, helps Avid make sure our customers are getting the best option available.

As our customer’s operations continue moving to cloud-based solutions, the demands placed on the Internet connection become ever greater–the requirements on their entire communications infrastructure more stringent. Getting the right bandwidth has become a business necessity.

Avid wants to make sure you get you the best possible Internet connection. With our knowledge of pricing and terms for thousands of connections in Kansas City and our close relationship with over a dozen network providers, we can help you make the best choice and set up the right service to meet your needs.

Having Nathan join our team for the summer has been fun for us. He gets to endure “friendly” comments about his school (K-State.)  He’s surrounded by an MU grad, OU grad, and a few KU grads. Last summer he worked construction, so I think his experience this summer is a little more enjoyable.

Nathan will be a sophomore in Finance at K-State. He made it through his first year of college with a 4.0 GPA and is a business ambassador, a member of the Student Finance Association and a member of the Shotgun Sports club. Nathan likes to spend time on his bike (motor, not the manual variety), traveling and generally being outdoors.

We’re so glad that Nathan joined us for the summer and we’re looking forward to staying in touch with him as he completes his degree.