Avid uses 13 high speed networks in the KC metro area. One-Button Service means fast resolution of Internet issues. Optional dual WAN service with auto failover. Delivering the fastest available speeds over both fiber and fixed wireless.

One-Button Service
If there is an issue with your Internet connection, we will take the lead in troubleshooting, and will work closely with your IT provider to pinpoint and resolve the issue. If you’ve ever had an issue and can’t press a single button to get a team instantly working on the problem, you already know the value of this high level of service provided by Avid.

Dual WAN with Auto Failover
Avid introduced Dual WAN service to the market, and it has been quite popular. Use it to build a highly reliable service while still taking advantage of the most economical connections available.
Fiber Optic Affordability
If you think the cost of fiber is out of reach, it is time to take a second look. Not only have prices been falling, but Avid has fiber hubs throughout the city that bring affordable connections to even small businesses.
Fixed Wireless Reliability
Fixed wireless connections are playing a larger and larger role in meeting the needs of commercial users. Technological advances make the connections very reliable, with uptime meeting or exceeding T-1 standards. And often, a fixed wireless connection is easily the best choice.
Quality of Service Engineering
On all Avid-provided circuits, we engineer the prioritization of voice traffic so that latency (delay) across the network is kept lower than 40 milliseconds–performance necessary for quality voice service.